Luxury fur- and leather fashion made from shearling and leather and mink, fox, chinchilla, sable (**)


Due to a close cooperation with italian and international designers the collection has got a high fashion profile.



 (**) CPL Centropel is only using fur from breeds which match the international species-protection agreements and which were traded via SAGA, KOPENHAGEN FUR, NAFA AMERICAN LEGEND



SYSTER P Lifestyle brand from Stockholm / Sweden


The collection spreads from handmade jewelry to scarves and bags / accessories.

In the jewelry collection scandinavian design meets 925 silver (or 18 k gold plated ) and precious stones.

The scarves are made from fine material combinations and some of them are printed with individual motives.


SYSTER P = stylish musthaves to wear everyday with an attractive price range


Let DANIEL SWORD jewellery become a daily source of inspiration and the key to a more active life closer to nature.


Wearing positive words about love, happiness and wisdom makes you stronger, gives you a lif in your everyday and helps you live in the moment.


Made from stainless steel and/or plated with 18 gold



Exclusive jewellery collection handcrafted from the only finest materials like sterling silver, pearls and gemstone.


Every single piece is individually created and handmade in own design ateliers, what makes it unique and exceptional.





MONOMER fascinating 3D jewellery 

a fusion of highly modern CAD software and state-of-art technology 3D-printouts emerged into some totally innovative creations which had been inconceivable in the sector of classical goldsmith’s design up till now


Also personalized rings with own text and individial message are a possible to produce within a short time

REVOLUTION by EDWIN is the new hip lifestyle handbag collection designed in Santa Monica, California.

In USA already very successful this label is getting now also in Europe a daily raising number of fans.

Under the leadership of Edwin Vlessing shows the collection a mix of tradition and innovation combined with a sense of daring and provocation.

This directional company research in new and innovative materials and fabrications. The bags are decorated with studs or embroideries and mostly also the inner lining is attractive.

The diverse design options attract a customer span encompassing Designer,Contemporary, Lifestyle, and the Young Fashion Market.

Yvonne Stiltz Fashion & Lifestyle is coordinating as General Agency Europe the European Sales-Team and Distribution.

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